Empowering Better Living
through Information

Our goal is to bring together resources and information to help you make better decisions on how to live your life.

We are in no sense “experts” on health or wellness. But like many of you, we have not been happy with the resources, answers, and solutions that exist. We live in a time where there is more information than ever at our fingertips, yet the answers to some of our most basic needs are still obfuscated, hidden somewhere, discarded, drowned in some bs, or barely being researched. And like you, it has become a passion and part of our life’s challenge to find answers and solve problems leveraging the most effective and efficient solutions.

Unlike many resources, we start with the assumption that we are doing it wrong. However, we do see value in sharing the wisdom, knowledge, and insight in hopes that it saves you time, and puts you on the right path to living, moving, and feeling better.

As with all things, we are not medical professionals nor experts so please please please consult with your medical professional before trying anything. Please be careful above all else. Because at least for now we only get one body.

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