What is biohacking / eubiohacking?

What is it?

According to the Oxford dictionary, it is “The activity of exploiting genetic material experimentally without regard to accepted ethical standards, or for criminal purposes.”

This paints a pretty dark picture. One we feel needs to change. And we are not alone in this. There is a movement behind this from Tim Ferris to Tony Robbins to Dr. Rhonda Patrick and many more. For the last few decades, various people and organizations have run with the biohacking term, referring to it with a systems-thinking approach to improving our biology in order to live better lives. Biohacking is all about making lifestyle changes to optimize the way your body functions. Where some people react to life and what their body needs, for example when they get sick they go to the doctor. Biohacking would be taking a proactive approach to do-it-yourself improvements to avoid getting sick, recovering more quickly, and address many other issues we face throughout life.

And while there are some edgy and extreme options people can “experiment” with. There is a substantial amount of new data and insights that provide good direction and options. In fact, there is so much evolution and change in what we know that we need new resources to make it accessible to the public. With this accessible information, and a huge increase by the general public to start taking better care of themselves, we felt it was time to redefine biohacking into EuBiohacking. Eu – a from the Greek word meaning positive, the positive spin on biohacking.

EuBiohacking – is the beneficial form of biohacking for the optimization of mind, body, and spiritual performance through the leveraging of technology, and insights into nutrition, sleep, mind, work, and movement to achieve better health, life extension, higher performance, improved productivity, and less stress.

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